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If you are always losing track of your favourite coloured pencils, this is definitely one piece of practical accessory you need on your work desk. This pretty pencil holder welcomes you to the whimsical world of unicorns where you are free to let your imaginations run wild. So if you are looking for little ways to add instant wonder and magic to your work space, great news; your search ends here.

This unique Unicorn Pencil Holder will store your pencils in its head to keep yours free and your desk tidy and neat while lending a mythical flare to your workplace décor. The holder comes with 7 coloured pencils including pink, orange, yellow, red, green, purple and blue. The variety of colours allows you to draw all the amazing things you can think using a rainbow of shades. When you’re done with colouring, simply slide the pencils back into place.

Thinking of giving it a way as a gift? Fabulous idea; this holder with its little cute pencils is as original and quirky as it is practical and fun. There is no clever way of offering a charm of rainbow magic sourced from the land of unicorns far beyond the stars than with the Unicorn Pencil Holder. This is the kind of a birthday gift that will instantly put a wide grin on the face of your recipient the moment they tear up that gift box. Its rainbow cheer will brighten up their desk and ensure that they always have a colouring pencil around when they need one. If you thought this kind of gift is reserved for kids, you’re mistaken. Adult colouring in has become popular right now and this pencil holder with its pencils makes an ideal companion to a relaxing colouring book gift. So feel free to slide them into that gift box for your favourite unicorn-obsessed pal; it comes in a pretty coloured gift box just ready for gifting.

Unicorn Pencil Holder Includes:

  • Includes 7 coloured pencils.
  • Colours include pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue & purple.

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