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The Travelogue Travel Journal is an exceptional travel companion for anyone who loves exploring the world. You can use the Journal to plan your trip or vacation, note down the memories and experiences when you’re on that trip and still use it when you get back home. It’s not only going to be your friend on the trip but will hold amazing memories, records, experiences and visual representations of memorable places you have ever visited and fun times you had.

If you don’t already know it, the Travelogue Travel Journal is a simple but brilliantly innovative map that works in the same way as a lotto scratch card. So when you’re traveling around the world, you can use a coin to scratch off the places you visit, giving you a visual and personalised record of your lifetime adventures around the globe. The Travelogue contains a 64-page notebook for you to note down all your experiences and memories when on vacation. It also has 8 miniature Scratch Maps with each representing various regions of the world for tracking and locking in your location. By recording every step of the journey in writing and scratching off places you’ve been on the map, you end up with an impressively definitive document of far out adventures and amazing times.

If you get hold of this awesome travel tool, you will notice that it’s made from high quality recoiled cardboard binder and it’s compact enough so you can just slide it in your hand luggage. It also has a protective card envelope to keep everything intact. And it’s not just a travel journal; it also includes plenty of travel tips and a reference checklist for when you are planning your trip. Plus it has room for keeping your tickets, stubs and boarding pass making it a clever travel organiser. The Travelogue Travel Journal can also make a perfect gift for any travel enthusiast with a keen taste for unusual items or any globetrotter who seems to have been bitten by the wanderlust bug.

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