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Nothing gets stinky and annoying than getting your dirty laundry mixed up with your clean stuff when on a trip. Simple plastic bags have been the best option for most travellers for a long time. Unfortunately, plastic bags have a way of fermenting dirty laundry and leaving your clothes with a certain stinky, persistent smell even after washing. So we thought it could be a nice idea if we added a unique and practical Travel Laundry Bag to address this challenge.

Whether you are just out for seasonal camping or you are a frequent business traveler, you will find this bag very handy in more ways than one. It comes with a simple drawstring mechanism at the top to keep your stuff (and the smell) inside and concealed. It also comes with a clip that allows a traveler to clip it on the main luggage or backpack for ease of carrying. The durable, strong polyester material that makes up this bag easily folds or crumples flat for easy of storage. When you are not using it, you can simply squeeze it into the side pockets of your main luggage and travel with it wherever.

This Travel Laundry Bag is also water resistant, which might not mean much, but you will come to appreciate this property on your next outdoor vacation. Anybody looking for a compact, fashionable, trendy and still extremely practical laundry bag should definitely consider this bag. As usual, apart from offering unique and fashionable products, we always try to go for items that push the limits of functionality to the edge. And in the case of this Travel Laundry Bag, you not only get storage space, but also a clear and detailed world map printed on the outside for your information and reference as you explore the globe. If you ask me, the Travel Laundry Bag is specifically designed with an exploratory travel enthusiast in mind. When not in use, it folds down to a small pouch measuring 11 by 11 cm and can hold up to 3kg of laundry when fully expanded.

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