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What dog owner doesn’t need a Portable Pet Water Bowl? A dog will do just about anything to slake his thirst – even dive headfirst into the toilet bowl. Keeping your canine companion hydrated is likely it’s hardest when you’re on the go. Fortunately, the Portable Pet Water Bowl can provide ample, clean water for your animal to drink, no matter where you happen to be. This is great for preventing dehydration and for ensuring that you fur-covered friend isn’t lapping up puddles or searching diligently for a commode.

Portable Pet Water Bowl Features

Armed with nifty little bags for picking up pet waste, you probably won’t have a lot of free hands for lugging around heavy water supplies. The Portable Pet Water Bowl has an incredibly lightweight and convenient design. If you’re hiking or camping, this compact unit can be easily tossed in a backpack. It has a 300mL/500mL capacity, an eye-catching blue cover and the ability to be seamlessly fed into an included dish that your dog is guaranteed to find appealing.

Although your pooch may not be adverse to drinking a bit of toilet water when necessary, you’re probably a lot more vigilant in your efforts to keep his or her water clean. This water bottle is ideal for preventing backwash contamination. It has an in-built, rubber flow-control valve that will keep harmful microorganisms from getting in, and the stored water clean and safe. Located in the cap, this valve is also designed to prevent leaks and spills, which means that you can refresh your pet, even while he or she’s in the car, and without creating a wet mess. This unit is perfect for hiking, camping or taking drives on hot, sunny days. With the Portable Pet Water Bowl, you can prevent your dog from slaking his or her thirst in ways that are most unbecoming.

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