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This little cute notebook can store up to 60 passwords and usernames safe and away from prying eyes. Unlike your computer or the digital password management services, this notebook can’t be hacked or infected by a virus. This is the simplest and longest-standing tool you can’t underestimate. It comes with a title sticker that can be removed so that the book remains discrete.

Too many passwords to remember? How many passwords do you manage? No, seriously, how many? I know, you are not alone; you see, many people cannot tell how many password they have, leave alone what those passwords actually are. From social media accounts, email, banking, productivity tools, utilities, online shopping and everything in between, there are just too many places to login.

An average adult have well over 27 discrete online logins. Personally, I forage the internet quite a lot, I have 51 passwords, I think. To make matters worse, most online accounts require that you create insanely complex passwords; you know those that demand at least an upper case letter, lower case, special character, a number, and a symbol to be in a password? And then still goes ahead to request for the name of your favourite goddess or the maiden name of your great-great grandmother as a security question? Well, welcome to the 21st century digital era.

So, how exactly can you remember all these complex passwords? There was a dream of having a single set of credentials that will take you everywhere on the internet, but the dream died before it was hatched. There are also recommendations of using digital password management tools, but most of them are vulnerable to hacking and virus attacks. So the last and best option is writing your passwords down the old fashioned way, that way only you will know where they are.


  • Compact and easy to keep in a safe place
  • Stores up to 60 passwords
  • Item dimension and weight: 110x85x10 @0.041kgs
  • Pocket sleeves for cards and slips of paper

What if I have over 60 passwords to store? No problem; these invaluable password keeper notebooks are sold in multiples of 18 units, so you have all the space you need for use and backup your secrete credentials, and extra units for gifting friends and family.

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