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Magnetic Poetry bitch kit? I know, but it’s not what you are imagining – I promise. So what is this kit all about anyway? The Magnetic Poetry Bitch kit is one of the cute and creative magnetic kits from Magnetic Poetry designed by Dave Kapell. The kit contains magnetic words that you can use to write with on the fridge, locker or any other magnetic surface.

Whether you want to write poetry, memos, jokes or just a few bitchy lines about how you feel, you will find just the right collection of words you need. The Magnetic Poetry Bitch Kit lets you say how you really feel without holding in any vitriol. The strident, strong and snarky box lets you release your inner bitch in a carefree mode. The box comes with 200 little magnetic words which you can choose from to properly express your inner musings.

This Kit would make a fantastic gift for that little bad girlfriend in your life. Better yet, you can send it to that nerve wreaking bitchy girlfriend who is currently making your life hell on earth. This snarky little kit will sure set them straight and give them a new release tool

Futures and notes

  • Recommended Age: 4+ years
  • Over 200 Inspirational words tiles
  • Mix and Match with other Kits: the tiles’ height is 0.375 Inches which makes them compatible with nearly all other Magnetic Poetry sets. You can mix and match this kit with other themed kits to create endless combinations.

Grab this snarky bitch kit or any other Magnetic Poetry kit that matches your personality, inner feelings and how you would like to express them. If you want to playfully but honestly express what is going on in your mind or simply set the mood for the day, you will find just the right words in the Magnetic Poetry bitch kit.

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