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The Laundry Punching Bag acts as a laundry bag and a punching bag at the same time– clever, huh? It’s big enough to hold heavyweight load laundry and tough enough to take endless beatings. But first, you have to hang the bag in your wardrobe or at a corner of your room until you fill enough laundry in it.

The Punching Laundry Bag is designed to look like a classic punch bag, which means nobody will suspect that you have a dead body hung up in your closet. The material is resilient and durable too; it will take all the punches in the confines on your room, and still look cool and sturdy on your laundry day as if nothing happened.

Apart from releasing your stress and negative energy, punching bags are a great training tool for boxers, martial artists, athletes and regular gym heads. While the most obvious benefit of using punch bags is to practice kicks and punches, there are other silent benefits.

Working with a punching bag can increase your strength, balance, and improve your mood. Punch bags are known to help in weight loss and as well as strengthening your upper body. As far as relieving stress is concerned, punching workout causes the release of endorphins which helps to elevate your mood and also act as painkillers – counteracting feelings of depression, stress and easing pains and aches.


  • Spacious enough to hold heavyweight laundry
  • The design looks like a classic punch bag
  • Drawstring top to help conceal any bad odours
  • Measures 30cm x 100cm
  • Material: Polyester

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Weight 750 g

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