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Now, the Keyboard Pad is one officemate you will actually enjoy having around. If you’ve had some time to browse through our product listings, you would have probably noticed that we always strive to present cool, fun, unique (sometimes quirky) but extremely practical and functional items; and the Keyboard Pad is no exception. In fact, it has been widely referred to as the best office productivity tool since the computer. So what exactly does this little notebook do, and what makes it unique? T

he Keyboard Pad serves two main functions. One of the functions, as the name suggests is that it makes a perfect Keyboard Wrist Rest. As a wrist rest, this Keyboard Pad keeps your wrist from bending backward, provides a softer surface for your wrist to rest on, reduces pressure on your shoulders and prevents repetitive stress injuries. This is especially important for people who spend a lot of hours per day working on a computer. Secondly, the Keyboard Pad acts as a perfect notebook for jotting down important thoughts and notes in the most convenient spot. You can now make use of that space under your wrist to track your busy life, and once you fill the paper with all manner of notes and listings, simply tear it off and start all over again.

The Keyboard Pad also comes with sticky notes on the side to make it even more efficient. In essence, by buying this cool office item, you are combining the functionalities of a Keyboard wrist rest, a notepad, and sticky notes. Aside from functionality, these pads are cool, trendy and fun to use; please be warned that you are going to the most popular kid at the office with this undeniably functional office buddy. The notebook comes with 60 sheets.

This is great as a gift, especially if you plan to gift a number of friends and help them conveniently organise their thoughts.

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