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If your desktop resembles a rat’s nest, or worse, a pile of spaghetti, due to the ever-growing number of unorganized cables lying around in a slapdash fashion, then it’s highly advisable that you get a desktop cable management organizer like this. Crawling under a desk trying to rearrange all types is annoying, but even worse; it hurts our knees and drives us insane, cutting down our productivity in the process.

Unfortunately, other than hurting our knees and driving us insane, disorganized cables can be detrimental to the performance of our gadgets and in extreme cases, they can be outright dangerous. After all, for every device you plug into your socket, you are running actual volts of electricity.

Whether you are looking to keep your phone chargers, laptop charger, headphones, and other cables from falling over when not in use or to refrain from the guessing game when you can’t tell which cable goes where, this device will enable you to achieve all that and more without necessarily spending a lot of time and money.

The cable management organizer comes with the following features:

  • Made from silicone
  • Size 7.8 x 4.8 x 3.1cm
  • Comes in white – a mild color that can rhyme with any decor
  • Prevents your cables from tangling by keeping them straight
  • Can hold at least 4 cables
  • Works for all kinds of cables from charging cords, power cords, USB cords, phone chargers, headphones, audio cables, and more.
  • Easy and quick to install and use: just peel the wrapper and stick it on your desk, table, or any other furniture.
  • Installs on its own – no need for additional hardware
  • Fits furniture of all sizes
  • Ideal for managing office and home cords alike
  • Easy to unplug when moving or rearranging your office or home

All in all, with the desktop cable management organizer, you will not only be assured of an orderly and efficient workstation, but of your safety as well.


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