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It’s not just your neck and back that get uncomfortable and tired when sitting in your chair. Your legs too get cramped up, numb and may feel tingly. A good quality foot hammock can save the day on one of those days when you need to sit endless hours on an assignment or work project.

It may seem like an unnecessary product at first, but after using it once, you will notice just how relieving this item is. By suspending your feet on a quality foot rest, you can appreciate the freedom of movement and fight the tiredness and fatigue. It also boosts blood flow in your feet which prevents the tingly feeling and numbness.

A foot hammock can be used almost anywhere; on your office desk, home, on the plane, in a train, outdoors, and so on. However, depending on the design, one type of hammock may be better suited for a specific task than the other. For example, the Desk Feet Hammock is designed to be used on a desk.

The Desk Foot Hammock hooks onto either side of your desk using two metallic clips. Depending on how tall your feet are, you can adjust the rope’s length from 200 mm to 450 mm. Your package will come with a narrow strip of canvas and two clips that clip on the sides of your desk and secure a small length of ropes.

The length of the rope allows you to switch from “rest” to “work” mode. Work mode allows you to comfortably lean forward and work on your table while the rest mode lets you rest your back on the backrest and relax. Instead of resting your feet on the chair which doesn’t let you adjust the height, use this clever footrest to enjoy working or resting hours at your desk.

Expect a comfortable cotton resting surface supported by polyethylene suspended by resilient strings and a pair of steel clips. There are also two small wooden rods on either side of the canvas to keep it in shape.

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