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There are a lot of mustache and beard themed products out there; some will make your eyes role, while other will just leave you in a rib-tickling chuckle. For many years, users have had trouble finding creative and functional beard themed products that actually last: until the Beard bottle opener arrived. 

The Beard bottle opener is a witty, stylish and versatile bottle opener that is clearly built for the long haul. Unlike common brands that simply bare the image of a mustache or beard, this iconic bottle opener literally comes with beards. So whether you are a real bearded fanatic or just a secret admirer of this hairy culture, you will find this little fellow a great companion in all your drinking escapades. 

Don’t let the beards fool you; this opener has a solid construction and a weight that will surprise you. Once you get your hands on the Beard bottle opener, you will immediately notice that its construction is meant to hold up for a long time without any worries that it would bend, break or chip after countless bottles. 

The opener itself is made of stainless that not only makes it attractive but also substantially long lasting. If you open bottles regularly and need to carry this little guy everywhere, well and good; it comes with a keychain so you can attach your keys and other little toys on it.  


This Beard bottle opener has one functional side; the other side features a cute beard “makeup”. It has an opening in the middle that mimics the human mouth, so you pop off bottle tops using the “lower lip” in one single smooth move. It can open a beer, soft drinks and any standard bottle you can think of. If you just want to own it as a themed, fashionable key holder with occasional uses, then that’s fine too; because despite being bearded, this opener has a flat construction, less bulky and slips discretely into your pocket or purse.  

Bottom line 

The Beard bottle opener has quickly risen in popularity among facial hair aficionados. With the beard themed products trending all over social media and fashion platforms, you will be seeing this little bearded guy around a lot soon. And if you thinking of a birthday gift for that heavily bearded male friend of yours, then this bottle opener will truly surprise and flirter them. 

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