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Shaving or trimming your beard at home can be quite a messy process for men unless you have the Beard Bib. If you live with your wife or girlfriend, this is one of those “annoying little things about men” she has to put with. Apart from forgetting her birthday, leaving your socks all over and commenting on other “hot” girls’ physical appearance, forgetting those pesky little whiskers in the sink or bathtub after trimming is one more thing that will make her want to explode.

To avoid this mess, men have developed all manner of creative and clever solutions to this long-age problem. Quite frankly, some of them are laughable. Some men try to layout paper towels or newspapers in the sink, others try to catch the hairs using grocery bags, while lame attempts to vacuum wet beards from the sink are not uncommon. If this sounds like you, then you must not have heard about the beard bib.

When they first hit the market, some people thought it was a bonkers bathroom idea. I must admit, it felt a little wired to me too at first. But after thinking about it for a little I realised it was actually a practical genius idea. This ferociously practical garment is designed for men who often shave their beards at the tub or sink but don’t want to leave a mess in the process.

This simple yet practical invention stops the clippings from hitting the sink, floor or your chest, keeping both you and your bathroom clean –and your spouse happy. All you need is to wrap one of the ends neatly around your neck, then stick the other end to your mirror using a pair of suction cups. The end result is a neat inverted umbrella that catches all your trimmings.


  • Size: 120x80cm
  • Occasion: home bathroom
  • Colour: black
  • One size fits ALL
  • Easy to use and clean

Apart from keeping you out of “trouble”, this beard bib will make your hair trimming neat, less time consuming and hassle–free. Try this little guy out on your during your next shaving session and thank me later.

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