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BBQ cooking apron lets you keep your electronic out of harm’s way by providing all the information you need right in your lap. In additional to common kitchen conversions, the BBQ Apron Cooking Guide features freezing and defrosting instructions, cooking times for chicken and vegetables, and even a serving guide for steak. It basically makes cooking a whole lot easier and less messy; not more greasy finger prints in your cookbooks.

You are heating up your brand new dish, when suddenly you can’t remember how many ounces are in a cup. It happens to all of us; even the most experienced chef needs some reference once in a while. But bringing you cookbook, computer, tablet or phone into an active kitchen is a recipe for disaster; flour-coated hands, water spillages, oil spatters and other kitchen calamities will not be so kind on these gadgets.

Think of this BBQ cooking apron as your kitchen cheat sheet; useful recipes, tips and trick in the same place you wipe your hands. What else could you ask for? The fact that the information is printed upside down means that you can refer and convert measurements easily while keeping your flour-coated hands where they belong. It also features large pockets for keeping your gadgets.

The BBQ cooking apron is made of extra durable 100% cotton material to ensure that your tips and tricks don’t fade or bleach away over time. It comes in a casual white color with information written in black. The neck strap is adjustable and the waist strap can be tied both from the back and from the front. If you ask me, this is a great unique gift for a friend or family.


  • Full-length cooking apron
  • Material: 100% unbleached cotton
  • Dimensions: 87cm x 88cm
  • Features cooking tips, tricks, and recipes
  • Kitchen aid at your fingertips
  • Text printed upside down for easy reading

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