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The Affirmation Button is a small gadget with 10 prerecorded positive affirmations to help you smoothly make it through the day. Whenever you are feeling down and discouraged, or when negative thoughts start creeping up on you, simply press the button and you will hear a refreshing and joyous “I am beautiful!” or “I am inspired!” And next time you do something really cool and no one seems to recognise it, simply press the affirmation button and you will hear an enthusiastic “I am a Superstar!”

The more often you hear these encouraging statements, the quicker you will rejuvenate your zeal, feel empowered and see new opportunities.

Have you ever taken the time to think about how you think? Thinking is usually a mixture of mental images, words, sentences and sensations. Think of your thoughts as visitors who visit the central part of your mind. They often come, stay for a while, and then disappear to create space for new thoughts. Some of these thoughts stay for longer, become more powerful, and affect your life.

Some people constantly connect thoughts with fear, anger, and worries, while others occupy their thoughts with happiness and positive thoughts. So, where do you fall in these two categories? Is your mind always occupied with inner negative conversations about actions and events? Such inner statements and conversations eventually affect your subconscious mind, which accepts them as real.

Having said that, it’s important to be vigilant about what goes into your subconscious minds. Words, thoughts, and statements if repeated often enough get stronger by repetition, sink into the deep end of your subconscious mind and affect your actions, behavior, reactions and ultimately every little bit of your daily life. The good news is we can use this phenomenon to our advantage. 

Affirmations include

“Today, I will take a chance!”
“I am calm and zen-like!”
“Joy is my natural state!”
“I am overflowing with happiness!”
“I feel radiant and full of energy!”
“Today is going to be a really, really good day!”
“I am wise beyond my years!”
“I am inspired!”
“I am invincible, I am a Superstar!”
” I am beautiful!”

Batteries: 2 x AAA Batteries (Included)

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