Secret Santa Silliness

The silly season is at our doorsteps and TGI Found It! has the silliest and funniest novelty gifts to keep your friends and fam giggling this Christmas.

In most families, friendship groups or work places, Secret Santa is a yearly staple and has long been touted the inexpensive and most effective way to do Christmas gifts. Pretty soon those names will be pulled out of that hat and the questions on everyone’s minds will be, “What’s a good present to give?” and “I want to get him/her a cool gift, but what?”.

Of course the general budget is usually around the $20 – $25 mark which, let’s be honest, these days it’s hard to find good quality gifts without having to resort to the usual bottle of wine, box of chocolates or a nice photo frame.

Don’t be boring! TGI Found It! has some awesome Secret Santa gift ideas to make yours the coolest gift to receive and keep this season as silly as it can be.

Here’s our top 5:

Emoji Pillows

We love using them in our texts, on our social media and now we can’t seem to express our feelings without them. That’s right I’m talking about EMOJI’s! What better way to get your Secret Santa laughing than with TGI’s super cute emoji pillows! Show them how you really feel with a smiling poop pillow.

Scrabble Canvas Tiles

If you want to inspire your Secret Santa this Christmas season, then the Scrabble Canvas Tiles will certainly be the gift for her or for him! DANCE, DREAM, LOVE or SWEET these funky, deco tiles will be a constant reminder throughout the new year.

Novelty Stationery

There’s always that one friend who just adores stationary! I know this, because I am that person in my group . TGI knows exactly how to pamper to their tastes with our range of novelty stationary. We have Nasty Notes, funky To Do lists, Awesome notes, weekly whiteboard planners and so much more. Why not make a little gift pack of novelty stationary gifts for your Secret Santa?


For your mate who is a fan of calling it as he/she sees it, our WTF! And Bullshit Buttons were made for them. These crude swearing buzzers always bring a good laugh to the novelty gift receiver.

Hip Hop Air Fresheners

How lucky are we that our Christmas season falls in Summer?! The beautiful sunshine, the amazing beach days and let’s not forget, the sweaty stank and B-O that floats around. Well there’s a way to leave the stench outside with TGI’s hip hop Car Air Freshener! From Tupac and Snoop to Kim and Kanye make your car the freshest this Summer.

For more funky Secret Santa novelty gift view our range of gifts for under $20.