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  • Sloth Pullie Pal The BASIQSloth Pullie Pal The BASIQ

    Sloth Pullie Pal

  • French Fries The BASIQ

    French Fries Pillow

  • Unicorn Pillow The BASIQ

    Unicorn Plush Pillow

  • Sloth Plush Cushion Pillow - TGI Found It 1Sloth Plush Cushion Pillow - TGI Found It 2

    Sloth Plush Cushion Pillow

  • Emoji Pillows – Laughing Tears

  • Emoji Pillows – Winking

  • Emoji Pillows – Drooling Poop

  • Emoji Pillows - Poop

    Emoji Pillows – Poop

  • Boyfriend PillowBoyfriend Pillow

    Boyfriend Pillow


If you’re wondering where to buy funny pillow gifts for your colleague on their housewarming, you’ve come to the right place. We believe life is too precious and short to live it being too serious all the time, for this reason, we like throwing some laughs and humour here and there, and we think you do too. Well, our jokes might be a little lame, but we make up for it with a series of funny pillows that will keep everyone cracking up in your house.

Our funny pillows make perfect gifts for pretty much any occasion, whether it’s Valentine’s, birthday, housewarming, mother’s day, or Christmas. Making your friends and family laugh while offering out–of–the–box practical gifts is our business. And if you’re looking for a nice and soft place to not only lay your head but also add some humour and smile in your own living space, then, by all means, keep reading.

Pillows can be a great way to tell your favourite joke, simply burst your best friend who has certain peculiar habits. Talking of peculiar habits, we all have that one naughty friend who can’t avoid using the poop emoji in every text chat the two of you have. They might even use it several times in the same conversation when complaining about the terrible blind date they just came from. These are the perfect candidate for the poop emoji pillow for instance. I can imagine them cuddled up with the pillow, ranting about the Math exam they just failed.

Or maybe you know a friend who just got dumped, or they’re missing their boyfriend and cuddle” partner? If this is the case, then the boyfriend arm pillow, with its anatomical accuracy, is the perfect addition to their bed; so amusing and funny, yet so practical. You don’t have to waste any more time on Tinder when all you need is to snuggle up with this arm pillow and skip the hassle.

Our list goes on and on, each funny pillow with its own twist of humour either in shape, colour, size, design, graphics, quotes or tagline, but all with a goal of brightening things up, every time you lay your head down.