Gifts for Him

Having a tough time finding gifts for him? Looking for something a little cheeky, a little crude but a whole lot of fun? Check out our range for the perfect man-gift.

Novelty gifts can often be rather cliché, especially when it comes to gifts for him. Now we’re not talking about finding him the most sophisticated watch that he will cherish for many years to come. We’re talking about the funny, sometimes rude and outlandish gift that typically a guy would appreciate.

TGI Found It! has a variety of gifts to suit every man, some may challenge your moral standing, but deep down you know you wanna buy it! Here are a few ideas for when you’re deciding on gifts for him.

Men at work

It’s no secret that some men need help being organised. Hey – it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, that’s why at TGI we have creative products to make being organised, fun! Take Toilet Boy, he does more than just sit on the loo, he takes care of your paper clips, pens, pencils and other stationary goodies you can poke at him.

Men often have bundles of files and papers that they don’t want moved from their desks. TGI’s F*ck You Gold Hand Paper Weight is what he needs! Even if he doesn’t, he’ll still display it on his desk when he doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Everyone works with someone who talks a lot of BS or has you going WTF? TGI’s Bullshit Button and WTF Slammer Button will help a man express his feelings without having to say a word.

Men love to dress to impress! With TGI’s Pac-Man Cufflinks he can really get his geek on.

If you’re a little unsure whether these may be a good idea at work, just think what a great conversation starter they’ll be!

The Hangry Man

Ever seen a man when he’s hangry? Avoid this disease with TGI’s emergency Take A Break Food Storage. Fill this little tin up with goodies and treats to keep his hunger induced anger at bay. If it’s already gone too far, break the tin!

The Travelling Man

Men and their cars, can’t keep them apart really can you? Keep his ride fresh with TGI’s variety of Air Fresheners. From 2pac to Nicki Minaj, these babies will have you both rollin’ down the streets smelling cool.

Travelling, whether it’s flying, driving or just leaving the house for the day, can sometimes mean packing all your gadgets. Keep him super organised with the Grid-it Bag Organiser that has room for all his accessories, cables and more!

Men at home

When men are at home, they are more relaxed and sometimes forget their manners. What better way to keep him decent than with TGI’s Gentleman’s Ball Scratcher. This fancy item is for the classy man who knows better than to scratch with his own hand.

Love a man who can cook? Or at least tries to cook? Give him a helping hand with the Stand Clear Man Cooking Apron. This nifty apron not only has pockets for cooking utensils, but also has extra pockets for what a man really needs when he’s cooking – BEER!

Take it one step further and throw in a Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener!

Do you often hear the kids asking dad questions and wish they had asked you instead? Why not make it easier on them and get dad the Ask Your Mother Mug, it really says it all!

The Playful Man

Generally when men pull a prank, it somehow always comes back to a fart. TGI’s mini Whoopee Cushion and Classic Hand Farter will have him giggling and pulling pranks on everyone!

Tired of him practicing his target training on your household items? The Toy Gun Desktop Shooter is an excellent way to keep him entertained and out of your hair!

Check out TGI Found It! today for the full range of cool, creative, gifts and accessories.