Father’s Day 2017

Your dad has always been there for you since you were little. When you were young, he ran alongside your bike until you finally become stable enough to pedal on your own and he also gave you numerous piggyback rides in your backyard. When you grew a little older, he used to attend every school play and even picked you up from your first party (and probably scolded you about the same for a few more days) and maybe he even turned a blind eye the day you came home 45 minutes past curfew.

Right now, he is probably taking your own kids to the parks so you and your partner can finally have a moment of peace (or maybe get a little naughty around the house). He has given the parenting thing more than100 percent over the years. No wonder you are struggling to find a unique and perfect gift to celebrate him on father’s day. We understand your dad has always been there for you and he continues to do so much for you. Finding just the right gift that can fully express your gratitude is quite a challenge.

This time round, we want to make shopping for Father’s day a little less daunting and more of like a fun treasure hunt. You might be thinking that your dad already has all he needs or he buys himself anything he wants. Or maybe he is just one of those minimalistic dads that only keep what they really and truly need. We know the struggle, we are here to help, and in our opinion; it’s high time you traded in that stripped tie you get him every father’s day with some out-of-the-box gift, unique ideas.

Father’s day gift ideas and tips

1. Type Of Dad

What does your dad love? What is his personality? Is he a music buff? Does he have a quirky side that is always waiting to jump out at the right time? These are some of the questions you need to answer before going out looking for a gift for your dad. If he is a gadget guru, think of something like the iPhone Memo Notepad or a smartphone case. If you consider him a food connoisseur, a BBQ cooking apron that also acts as a cooking guide or something as simple as a coffee dripper can be a fabulous surprise.

If you happen to have a quirky dad, then things get even more interesting. There is a wide range of quirky, but decent gifts from a little freaky options such as the Skull Tidy Decorative Bowl to the somewhat naughty picks like the Gentlemans Ball Scratcher (this one is not for your dad, it’s for your kids dad, please!). Whichever the type of dad your father is, you can always find something that perfectly clicks with his personality.

2. “Useful” gifts

Unless it’s something really sentimental, most dads love gifts that they can actually “use”. Whether you want to go funny or quirky, you can always find some useful items that perfectly incorporate these elements. For instance, if his office desk is overrun by old boring accessories and paperwork, look for a unique desk organizer in his favourite colour (of course considering his office color theme too). Does he like being pampered? How about a beard bib? Yes, a beard bib; it’s a very unique and ferociously practical piece of cloth designed to catch the beard while shaving so that they don’t fall on the floor or in the sink. If I have to mention all the unique practical ideas then I will run out of space.

3. When in doubt, go classic

If you happen to have a practical dad, feel free to wrap up a classical gift that you know he will love for years. You can make it special by adding a romantic or funny handwritten note.

4. Budget

Let me mention right away that when it comes to gifting your dad a gift on father’s day, it’s the thought that counts, to how much you bought it; after all, you can never “repay” all the good deeds and years he spend looking after you. Generally, showing appreciation doesn’t have to dent your bank account. So if I were you, money isn’t something I would worry much about. Having said that, always remember to be realistic and gift within your means, particularly if you have several great men to celebrate on this special day

5. Personalised

If you have some good time left to spare, consider personalizing the gift to make it extra special. Whether it’s with a monogram or an engraving, any attempt to personalize it will make him feel exclusive. If you are on a last minute rash, this might be tricky to pull off.

Bottom line 

Finding a perfect gift for your special dad on father’s day should not be a hassle. By simply following the above tips, you should get a unique and special item for him, if you run out of ideas, feel free to go with our pointers and suggestions within the article above. All the best.